Children's skin is very delicate and sensitive in the first years of life. The outermost layer of the epidermis, known as the horny layer, serves the important function of protecting the body from dehydration, regulating water loss and the absorption of various substances applied to the skin, and is particularly thin and delicate in babies.

This means babies’ skin is more prone to irritation and dermatitis.

The choice of cleansing products for daily hygiene is crucial, as they must be skin-friendly and skin-sensitive, with high tolerability to reduce the risk of allergies.

All the formulas in our Baby line of cleansing and hygiene products, every formula is designed to be gentle on babies' skin.

Our formulas contain no dyes, parabens, or alcohol and are all nickel tested (Nickel content <0.00001%) and hypoallergenic.

We offer Shampoo, Bath, and Liquid Soap and Protective Ointment for babies. Each product is enriched with valuable ingredients such as:

Zinc oxide

Provides an effective protective and breathable barrier to help keep the nappy area dry while preventing and protecting against redness and irritation.

Rice starch

With emollient and soothing properties, it moisturises, refreshes and protects baby's skin, providing immediate relief.

Gentle formulas for protecting and pampering babies.