Scented, Neutral, Moisturising, Sanitising, with practical packaging or in vintage or minimalist taste: choosing a liquid soap is not easy, because all the family's tastes and the requirements of different skin types and degrees of delicacy must be satisfied.

The type of soap chosen says a little about each of us: those with classic tastes prefer timeless floral or creamy fragrances. Gentle moisturising formulas are for those who watch the ingredients they use. Fresh and fruity fragrances appeal to people who feel young and always appreciate a burst of new energy. Then there are people who want to feel that their hands have been well-cleansed and sanitized... and so on.

Although not classifiable into rigid sets, liquid soap must be chosen with special care.

It is essential to ensure that the formula is appropriate for the pH of the skin, so as not to risk drying it out too much or altering the skin’s delicate hydrolipidic balance. Then we must evaluate the features of the formula: nourishing and moisturising products (with ingredients such as Argan Oil or Aloe extract), emollient and balancing products (with ingredients such as Milk or Oat), refreshing and sanitising products (with Green Tea, Vitamins and Fruit, or with an antibacterial agent), etc... Simple cleansing can be combined with your favourite cosmetic functions.

But the senses also make their own demands! The sensation of well-being generated by a perfume, or the feeling that lingers on the skin, should never be underestimated, even in an everyday hand soap.

A great variety of fragrances are available, from intense to particularly delicate. Myrrh, Amber and Vanilla are decisive and relaxing, while floral scents range from the power of Rose and Tahitian gardenia to the refinement of Hibiscus or Lavender.
The fragrances of Fruit and Tea bring energy and a longing for summer, while Citrus and Verbena contribute a great sense of freshness and cleanliness. Light, aquatic fragrances such as Water Lily create an underlying sense of well-being, while Cotton Bloom and Milk are appropriate for people who prefer delicate, neutral fragrances.