Micellar water is a particularly valuable ally for cleansing the face quickly and effectively: it removes all traces of sebum and make-up in a single step, leaving the skin feeling comfortable and fresh.

Micellar water is a product that cleanses like a lotion, but is non-oily so it requires no rinsing.

The secret is the "micelles" contained in it, which capture the skin's impurities and remove make-up and excess sebum, leaving the skin thoroughly cleansed and moisturised, but still light and clear.

The micelles act like magnets, attracting impurities with no need for scrubbing, as the watery solution containing them gently drags them away.

Its gentle formula deep cleanses the epidermis without attacking the skin or altering its hydrolipidic barrier.

Micellar water owes its name to the micelles or surfactant spheres it contains. This 'beauty elixir' can be enriched with moisturising and soothing ingredients, as well as natural plant and mineral extracts.

Micellar water is perfect for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin.

That's why we have created a HYPOALLERGENIC HAND AND FACECLEANSER containing extremely gentle, ophthalmologically tested iso-ocular pH7 micellar water.

It can be used as a part of the daily beauty routine: in the morning as soon as you wake up, and at night before going to bed, because it cleanses the skin thoroughly without altering the hydrolipidic barrier that defends it against external aggression, leaving the skin smooth, purified and revitalised.